Ways to Win More Angie’s List Reviews to Beat Your Competition

Few practices can help a business generate exposure and elevate sales more than online reviews. Consumers are much savvier today than they ever were in the past. They aren’t easily swayed with mere sales pitches; these days, they tend to do their research before committing to any purchases to ensure that they get the best value for their money. And the best source for objective insight is from the customers themselves. 

For this reason, many entrepreneurs choose to leverage Angie’s List review because it allows their respective businesses to connect with prospective clients who may require their services. These include but aren’t necessarily limited to plumbing, landscaping, roofing, painting, and remodeling, among many others. The question is, how can you win more positive feedback to beat your rivals? This article will cover what the website is all about and the benefits of online reviews, and how you can get more reviews for your services. Keep reading to learn more

What is Angie’s List website?

At its core, Angie’s List is a website that helps people get personalized solutions that match their needs by connecting them to the right experts. The service providers advertised on the online domain typically revolve around things you may need to be done to your home, from electrical work to lawn care. What separates it from other similar sites is that it helps users make a better-informed decision with the addition of reviews since they’ll better understand whether or not the chosen professional can meet their expectations.

Benefits of online reviews

Most enterprises today put great importance on online reviews because they can make or break their businesses. Here are some of the benefits that customer input can do for a business:

  • Online reviews give free advertising for the company.
  • They instill confidence and trust in its offerings.
  • Improve conversion rate.
  • It could potentially affect website rankings on the SERPs or search engine results pages.
  • Presents opportunities for improvement.

How to win reviews

Now that we’ve established what Angie’s List is and the benefits of having online reviews, the next thing we’ll cover is how to win your business more reviews. Again, it isn’t as complicated or as tricky as it sounds. In fact, it’s relatively simple to encourage more people to give their input on your services. 

  • Request for a review after completing the job. It’s good standard practice to request an online review from your clients as soon as you complete a project. After all, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the desired testimonial if they’re still in an excellent mood than you would have otherwise.
  • Provide incentives for the reviews. Many businesses offer incentives to their customers because doing so can get them excited about reviewing their services. Whether you offer special promotions like discounts to your clients or a reward to employees who manage to entice people to write reviews, incentivizing is an excellent way to get what you want.
  • Deliver excellent service. The best way to persuade your clients to write positive reviews is by delivering exceptional services. When you get right down to it, happy customers are more likely to give out a good review than those who aren’t. But, of course, there’s no substitute for good service at the end of the day, so make sure that the standards of your offerings remain high.


Online reviews are integral to the success of any business venture. Beyond attracting a wider audience, it enables a company to entice prospective customers and generate more sales for their operations. And by following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to get more positive testimonials on Angie’s List website and get more business as a result.